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It's 1965. The Vietnam War is in full swing.
As a US Army commander, you will need to wage a counter-insurgency war to secure the la Drang valley which borders Cambodia. Win the Hearts and Minds of the local population by locating and destroying the Vietcong insurgents who infiltrate the Ho Chi Minh trail with the aim to destabilise the province through intimidation of the locals, laying of mines and military ambushes. The well trained North Vietnamese Army, operating from across the border, are also aiming to take control of the valley and will support the insurgency and launch an offensive when the time is right.In order to carry out your mission, coordination of your ground troops, special forces, artillery, mechanised units, training of local forces, and air-mobile assets is essential however the war cannot be won without the support of the local population as well as the American people.This is a game that captures the true essence of the Vietnam War, where airmobile operations are paramount, fire support bases play a critical role and air strikes can save the day.Rise through the ranks and watch your personalized uniform transform from a junior Lieutenant to General as you relive the Vietnam War.
  • Hearts and Minds victory conditions

  • Political support model

  • Full range of US units 

  • Firebases and artillery support

  • Special Forces operations (Green Berets)

  • Operational intelligence map

  • Training of South Vietnamese Army (ARVN)

  • Napalm strikes

  • Medevacs and in field repairs

  • Minesweeping and ambushes

  • Full logistical model

  • Road and base construction

  • North Vietnamese Army offensives

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Every Single Soldier (Pty) Ltd  Cape Town  South Africa 2019

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