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The race to the South Pole is back on....
Terra incognita or terra ignota
(Latin "unknown land") is a term used in cartography for regions that have not been mapped or documented.

​Go back in time and participate in the glory and the drama of the race to the South Pole. 
Prepare your crew and set the strategy to reach the South Pole in this fast paced real time strategy game. 

​Battle the elements, survive the hardships and above all else, plan properly...
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  • Keep your explorers from freezing to death

  • Reach the South Pole before the Norwegians do

  • Manage your supply line

  • Use your dogs to make faster headway

  • Upgrade your explorers with experience points

  • Fight off the ominous polar bear

  • Supplement your supplies by living off the land

  • Discover the most efficient path to the South Pole

  • Facebook
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Every Single Soldier (Pty) Ltd  Cape Town  South Africa 2019

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