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There was a time when war was fought by two regular armies on battlefields. That time is over.The year is 2011, you are commanding the US army operations in Afghanistan. But contrary to the previous generations of military officers in your family, killing the enemy is only a secondary mission.Most of your efforts and resources are spent elsewhere trying to grab the Hearts & Minds of the local population.Providing security to the civilians, persuading the local villagers to reject the Taliban and isolating Militia leaders is your primary focus.Counter-Insurgency will have better results in the long run than conventional tactics but a simple incident during a routine patrol can ruin your relationship with the locals and damage your image in the Western newspapers.

   Royal Marines DLC


  • Complete set of British vehicles and equipment

  • New Royal Marines campaign (10 scenarios)

  • Civilian vehicles / Car bombing

  • Roadblocks

  • Afghan Police units

  • Revised local population intel model

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